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Mand Labs Classroom Pack- 30 Kits


Mand Labs Classroom Pack- 30 Kits

Built and tested on the strong fundamentals of do-it-yourself approach and project-based learning, Mand Labs Classroom Packs are specially made for Pro STEM Educators running maker spaces, educational robotics programs and dynamic classrooms.

The pack contains the following items:

  • 30 kits for students
  • Digital and paper back curriculum of 60 hands-on projects, guide books, step-by-step project building instructions and 70+ learning videos
  • You create your own school/maker group on Mand Labs Academy and give access to your students
  • You get 30 student accounts on Mand Labs Academy
  • On Mand Labs Academy, your students can take our master course, work on hands-on projects, take quizzes, upload their own projects, interact with each other, ask us questions and contribute to your schools' group/community wall
  • As admin, you manage your school group and community
  • Access and permission to print 31 Copies of Classroom Workbook (PDF) 
  • Click to Read Sample Classroom Workbook
  • Your admin educator account is free



Quantity Price
KIT-1 Standard Edition 30 $4470
Mand Labs Academy 1 Year License (Learning Portal)

30 user accounts +  1 Administrator Educator Account




Shipping and handling charges
$12 per kit $360

Total price