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Hello, Welcome to Mand Labs!

From designing robots from (WEEE) electronic waste in our engineering labs to crafting DIY physics experiments to teaching electronics to over 25,000 high school students, it feels that we've just got started!

Mand Labs is an educational kits designer and manufacturer company committed to produce the worlds's finest quality learning kits and innovative rich curriculum. The company is based out of Phoenix, AZ. Our mission is to make STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning more fun, hands-on, intuitive and interactive through innovative DIY experiential learning kits and practical curriculum.

Embracing a culture of DIY & creating products that we want to use ourselves

We are a close-knit team of passionate engineers, physicists, designers, and educators dedicated to advancing STEM education through research. We do everything in-house from designing projects to coding to sourcing materials to manufacturing to ensure that our customers get the highest quality experience in our products.

The development process is exhaustive, extensive and iterative thriving on originality and research. The goal is to design and build each project to its minutest detail. There is no room for mediocrity. Three core values of our kits are Fun, Wow and Depth.


Impacting 100+ Institutions Globally

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