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Mand Labs DIY Electronic Series: Book-2


Mand Labs DIY Electronic Series: Book-2
Mand Labs DIY Electronic Series: Book-2 Mand Labs DIY Electronic Series: Book-2

DIY Electronic Series books by Gurpawan Mand is an attempt to break the conventional paradigm and make electronics fun to learn, simple to understand and easy to relate to. It is an amalgamation of both theoretical and practical learning.

Divided into two books, the DIY series has 18 chapters. It strives to give readers a better understanding of topics like current, electricity and semiconductors. It emphasizes on hands-on, do-it-yourself (DIY) project-based learning, as the writer, Mr. Mand, believes that 'learning by doing' is more effective and long lasting.

Book 2 is in continuation to Book-1 and covers more advanced concepts of electronics in 8 different chapters. Each chapter gives the reader an in-depth and comprehensive working knowledge of topics covering relays, diodes, semiconductors, logic gates, zener diodes, DC motors, transistors, and signals. Readers can learn to prototype circuits on a breadboard with 31 hands-on experiments that are explained in detail. It also enables readers to build and analyze projects step-by-step.

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With the content of the book mapped to the international standard physics curriculum standards (AP Physics, IGCSE/IB Physics, CBSE Physics), the book's purpose is to help students develop a structured approach to solve problems, and shape their thought processes to look at things from a different perspective.

The book is also an attempt to lure everyone who enjoy building and learning, but indispensable for those who want to pursue a career in engineering or in research and development. It helps readers visualize concepts and build a strong theoretical base with beautiful illustrations and pictures. It encourages self-learning and self-evaluation, enabling readers to become independent learners.